The Real Gandhi

The Real Gandhi


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Gandhi is idolized worldwide as a prophet, a visionary, even a messiah. Earl Mountatten, the last Viceroy of India, said, “Mahatma Gandhi will go down in history on a par with Buddha and Jesus Christ.” The accuracy of his statement can be seen in modern Hindu temples, such as the “Gandhi Temple” of Bhatra village, Sambalpur District, where Gandhi is worshiped as a deity.

Many years ago, the lack of efficient methods of communication and documentation allowed Gandhi to effortlessly create a convincing but false image of himself. People had no way to adequately investigate his past or properly track his present activities, so the truth remained hidden for decades.

The popular image of Gandhi is a myth. This site is dedicated to factually refuting that myth and publicizing the reality. Gandhi was deeply prejudiced against all minorities, from black Africans to low-caste Hindus. He also demonstrated a shocking lack of morality, from sleeping naked with young girls to employing nonviolence merely as a tool of political expedience.

It is said that the truth shall make you free. Only through knowing the truth about Gandhi can people can be truly enlightened, knowledgeable, and free of both the embarrassment and danger involved in perpetuating his myth.

To start learning about the “hidden” Gandhi, we recommend you first read the about section.

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